How to effectively use different Fuzzy Matching Algorithms?

Have you ever tried to match data in two tables? Isn’t it too difficult to match values in tables without identical data like the names with spelling mistakes or extra space between two words? Analytics team faces the biggest problem when they get the task of normalizing two sets of similar data with varied variables. […]

Where Android App Development is Going in 2017

The year 2016 brought along some interesting trends in the android applications. And, it looks like 2017 is well on its way towards continuing those trends while introducing new ones. Although change and new technology can be intimidating, the reality is if you resist change–you can be assured your competitors are embracing it. This is […]

Looking for Good Android UX Design?

Undeniably, Android devices are dominating the smartphone market mainly because of the lower price-points especially when compared to the high-end iPhones. With the explosion of Android devices worldwide, you would think that it’s time for mobile app designers to take Android seriously. In fact, we all know that Android has not been the essence of […]

Best Gionee 4G Mobiles in India

Gionee mobiles is an established mobile brand based in China, since the year 2002 the company has produced a range of impressive phones. For people who are keen on buying a 4G mobile brand in India, take a note of some of the good phones you can buy. Gionee phones are favored for having robust […]

Lenovo Vibe X3: A Perfect Gift For Audiophiles

Lenovo’s latest sensation, Vibe X3 is hitting the shelves successfully via Amazon India. The device has created a big buzz in the global markets, and is posing some serious threats against the likes of leading players with its stunning form-factorandtop-notch innards. As per Lenovo,it is not the specs that make Vibe X3 a good choice […]

Samsung Galaxy A9 vs Samsung Galaxy A8: powerful phablets from Korea

Samsung introduced its new all-metal Galaxy A series devices in October last year with the launch of the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5. Soon after, the brand unveiled the Galaxy A7 as its slimmest smartphone at that time. Then the Galaxy A8 arrived, which is the company’s slimmest offering till date featuring a 5.9mm waistline. […]

Top 5 4G Mobiles In India

With wider availability of 4G, handsets with LTE capabilities have become valuable for many of us. A 4G-enabled smartphone not only promises extreme download and upload speeds, but it also gives incredible browsing experience while working or gaming. It takes web connectivity to a whole new level, and creates a perfect ecosystem for glitch-free browsing […]

Xiaomi Mi4: Smartphone that toppled Apple in China

China became the second largest country where iPhones were being shipped earlier this year. The number one is of course the US. It was a big success for Apple as China already has many popular local bands. Although during the second quarter Xiaomi once again became the most popular smartphone in China. Xiaomi is also […]