This has to be easily one of the most talked about rivalries on the internet. I know some of you will look down on me for choosing a side but remember this, I own both devices and I appreciate what they both bring to the table. But today we are going to thoroughly look through the advantages that a user might have when using the Android operating system.

Multi-User Profiles

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Having multiple profiles can seem so simple but yet so beneficial. Everyone has someone messing with their device whether it be the kids or family. This feature makes it easier on you by letting everyone else have their own account and keeping important information from going missing or themes and fonts from being changed. If you have children, you are able to set up age restrictions on each account making them have added security from adult rated applications or websites they could stumble upon.

Overall the iOS is still lacking this feature and has yet to even advance in this direction so who knows when they will add it.

Fully Customizable

The Android is extremely customizable from the backgrounds to sounds and fonts.You can change anything you want to fit your personal lifestyle. With the iOS, you can’t, as it has been running the same UI with minor tweaks since the original release. I personally love being able to change up my phone as sometimes looking at the plain dull colored screen can get rather old fast.

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This can work alongside the multi-user feature as it allows for everyone to customize their own profiles without interfering with the others. You won’t need to worry about being caught with your daughter’s My Little Pony background at work.

Easy Access To Media

Most new users find themselves lost with the iOS operating system, this can be to their non-user friendly setup. Having to install iTunes and iPhoto just to transfer music and pictures can turn out to be a real pain. I understand it’s due to their anti-piracy rules and other ramble, but it’s just a messy thing to get into.

The Android on the other hand, has an incredibly easy drag and drop feature. You hook up your device to the computer and drop any music you want into the music folder, easy as that. Rinse and repeat for every single other media type available. This is definitely user-friendly, as I personally taught many seniors on how to correctly work this system.

Helpful Widgets

So many available widgets from clocks, weather reports, and your favorite sport results. Your background is fully customizable and a great spot to place your widgets, as they can save you a lot time. iOS has limited control and can only allow you to move your applications around, and not place widgets that may save you time with just a glance.

Tons of Free Applications

The Google Play store gives you an overwhelming feeling of joy every time you enter as it always has new applications to mess with and the best part is the majority of them are free. If you are a family person, this feature alone will save you a lot of money and time as the kids can pick through hundreds of high quality applications that may fit their current needs.

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 The iOS has very limited free applications, and the ones that are pay can be a little too pricey. I normally wouldn’t say this, but you are going to need a deep pocket to really enjoy the Apple Store.

Application Tip: Some applications can be limited to regions, as the owner might not want to spread of the game without thorough censorship. This can cause you to run into problems if you are limited on entertainment or blocked from a useful GPS application. Also, using public Wi-Fi can be dangerous because a smartphone doesn’t have the same security measures as a pc. By using a solid mobile virtual private network you can unlock all your applications from country censorship or administrative restrictions. But more importantly, it will encrypt your connection and thus protect your device from malware and cyber criminals. To help you pick the best VPN for you, check out this article at

I hope you are able to find the usefulness of the Android device in comparison to the iOS through my article. These are all reasons I personally feel it is superior to its rival. If you have not gotten the chance to mess around with and Android device, give it a try I am sure you won’t regret it.

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