Acer Monitor with high capability to adjust for all type of person. Read all the details, specification, best buy and much more.

What you see is what you get they say, how what quality you see is not referred much anywhere. Before the era of LCD, the quality of the image or video or typical box TV or CRT Monitors were not of a good nature. Pixels were found broken, VGA displays of 640×480 maximum didn’t have much of the quality to the eyes of the consumer. With the advent of LCD and then LED, the consumer were given an opportunity to view an image of crystal clear quality as if they are looking at it live. With high definitions and large resolutions and dense pixels in play, each company are trying their best to manufacture the highest quality of LED’s and high resolutions, maximum input types and minimum response time. Acer produces one of the finest LED’s in the market. Being a Taiwanese corporation, they do get a lot of tough competitions from corporations like Samsung, Sony and HP that excel in manufacturing world class LED’s with a good price range.

Acer S242HLDBID is a full HD (High Definition) 24 Inches of pure crystal quality LED. Being manufactured with Full HD Resolution of 1920 X 1080 Pixels, Acers assures they will deliver exceptionally high definitions viewing to its customer and best uncompressed quality video. Acer eColor management make sure that it optimizes the image performance for Acer S242HLDBID and it delivers the much improve and more enjoyable viewing experience to the consumer. With a sheer thickness of just 13mm, the Acer S242HLDBID adds an elegant and sleek touch to the business or home users. The Full HD Experience provided by 1920 X 1080 Pixel HD Scree delivers one of the best cinematic experience for a movie being played in either BLU RAY or any high quality video format.  Acer claims that Acer S242HLDBID comes integrated with high quality hardware that deliver your gaming as smooth as silk and with finest lag-free possible by achieving 1 mm response time. It means that the frame will appear within a millisecond due to which user won’t even feel any lag. The saturation and contrast filters installed within the Acer S242HLDBID are tailored made, designed to improve the viewing experience. The Screen Technology used within Acer S242HLDBID  is LED Backlit and with the screen size of 24 Inches, Acer make sure that this LED can be used at most of the user desk be it an office user or home user.


The picture quality Acer S242HLDBID delivers through brightness of 250 cd/m2 at scale of brightness level. The 178 Degree viewing angle provided by Acer S242HLDBID makes sure that user can view the crystal quality picture even through the side. The Frequency plays a vital role in the frame handling of an LED. Acer S242HLDBID supports 64-83 Hz of Horizontal Frequency and 50-75 Hz of Vertical Frequency. The manufactures always tries to provide maximum ports for inputs, which is case lies true for Acer S242HLDBID as well. They are supporting 3 connections ports which includes an HDMI ports, a VGA Ports and DVI Port. However it is suggested that consume always try to user the HDMI as first priority as the best graphic cards as well as the console have best output delivered through the HDMI ports. DVI comes at second place in terms of quality and VGA last.

However ports are available that can be used depending upon the available input devices. The Acer S242HLDBID only comes in Black color that is basically standard color across many LED Manufactures. The packaging consist of the Acer S242HLDBID Full HD 24” LED Monitor along with a user manual and 1 quantity of VGA Cable. There is still a bit of bezel available which means that user will have some edge surface to cater with.

There should have been a support of speakers which however Acer S242HLDBID neglected in this case however the primary purpose of LED is to provide a clear quality image. By the time it was launched in 2016, Acer S242HLDBID was having a Retain price of 157 Pounds. This was a difference of 5 to 10 Pounds in UK Price Comparison Site. This was quite placed well within Mid-Range LED and provided a healthy competition to the other LED manufactures around the globe. Due to its robustness and 2 years warranty, a huge number of sale figures were recorded in UK and America all around. With the passing year in 2017, the Acer S242HLDBID price was reduced to 110 Pounds by many retailers across the UK. Still there is a huge demand across UK and other countries for Acer S242HLDBID due to its build quality and affordable price as per the Price Comparison across difference website design.


As far as customer review is concerned, the average rating provided in regards to setting up the Acer S242HLDBID is 8.9 out of 10. The Price as per Compare and save tactics is also around 8 out of 10. The overall value of money is rated at an average of 8.9 out of 10. User overall rating for ACER S242HLDBID  is kept at 9 out of 10 as per different online retailers website across UK and the rest of the countries around the globe. If I compare the retail price of ACER S242HLDBID with other similar LED, ACER S242HLDBID would be a clear choice due to its price and build quality and the quality they offer in terms of console gaming or videos. As per the comments, there are very less negative feedback. Some customer did complaint about adjusting the height and setup buttons placed awkward to operate. But all in all, majority of the customer across sever UK retailers did gave a positive review in terms of Price, Quality, Playing Console Games, Playing HD videos, No Lag and screen size. What customer at the end of the day looks for the color quality and the graphic lagging, which as per the survey across the web, Acer S242HLDBID have handled all the major areas quite well?

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