Installing applications on Android is pretty simple, in most cases you do not need any flash, or as something to patch your device! To help beginners and not just present you the manual “how to install games and applications on Android” as well as “how to install games on android with the cache.”

1. Getting Started, the first thing you should do:

Go to “Settings” – in the “Personal”, select the “Security” – Section “Device Administration”, select the “Unknown sources” put a check!

! Note: android one for all, but each manufacturer, for whatever reason, can change the placement of certain functions in the settings menu, so your task is to find something similar to the “Unknown sources” and tick!

2. Now go to downloading the necessary files:

There are installation files, as well as called apk files and caches are additional files to some games and programs! As all this set will describe below, the first will understand how to select the appropriate driver for your device.
Near the links to jump files on our site, indicated by the marker with certain parameters, here a list of them and what they mean:

First group:

ARM7, ARM6 – means any processor architecture supported by this apk. If not specified, none of them therefore apk one for all.
root – applications that will only work on devices that have super user rights, which can be obtained by the device firmware.
HD – applications with quality graphics and support for high-resolution screens (tablets).

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The second group (types of video card):

Adreno, PowerVR, Mali, Tegra 2, Tegra 3 – apart from the main processor, the device has more processor and graphics processing – video accelerator. You need to select files according to your device’s video accelerator (basically we use these designations for the cache files), but if outside references to the cache are all labels – means one cache for all!
For processors from Broadcom – try cache of Adreno
For processors Vivante – should approach the cache from Mali

2.1 Determine the type of processor in your device:

By registering on the site, go to “Account” – “Settings”, then find a box with a note “Your PDA device” and begin typing the name of the smartphone / tablet (the list will check similar devices), after selecting your device below displayed his accelerator and architecture processor. Either use the program CPU-Z
If your device is not listed, use the “My device not in the list” and we’ll add it!
Determine which labels correspond to your device, go to the website and download files!

3. Install apk on android:

If the file is loaded on your PC, connect the device using the USB drive, wait until the device is defined as a flash drive (some may require confirmation of the connection on the device). Next, copy the downloaded file to a convenient location for you.
If the file is downloaded directly to the device, the previous paragraph is skipped.
Then run the file manager (on the Samsung called “My Files”) if it is not – set to Play Store, for example: “ES File Explorer”.
Find the downloaded file and tap on it by running the installation, follow the instructions at the end click Finish!
If the game does not require additional cache files, then find the list of your applications and run the game!

3.1 Installing games with the cache on android:

Choose the previously downloaded cache, unpack it using WinRAR software for PC or ES File Explorer for android, or their analogs. The resulting folder is placed on the path shown on the page with the game (over links with the cache). In 99% of cases sdcard = Internal memory card NOT removable microSD!
Next install the AIC, as described above.

Note: The particular ways cache:

/ sdcard / Android / data / and / sdcard / gameloft / games / – caches placed on these paths can be downloaded through the app on wi-fi, EDGE or 3G. Just between versions does not necessarily change the cache.
/ sdcard / Android / obb / – caches in this folder only download from the site, the upgrade version is reloaded new cache.

4. Basic errors and frequently asked questions:

On these issues, you do not get a response from a moderator, the answers to them you will find below the list of questions!

In the description of the path cache “sdcard” – a built-in memory card NOT micro SD that can be extracted!
Will it work on my device?
Which cache download for my device? read here
I have no folders or data obb, what to do? Create it!
Why not see the cache?
I placed the cache correctly but asks spool XXX MB, why?
I have little internal memory and cache weighs much like to be?
How to ask a question to get the answer?
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