The creators of the mechanical “smart” watch Kairos presented T-Band strap that will transform your favorite watches in the smart watch. The strap is available in three versions – without display, with a monochrome display and Plastic OLED-display.

T-Band has most of the features of smart hours. It is equipped with an accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, an optical sensor and heart rate monitor. Model without display T-Band ND (No Display) allows you to wear your favorite classic watches without visible changes. Due to the absence of the screen, a single battery charge will last for a week of work. With the help of vibration and / or multi-colored LED-indicator owner gets informed about incoming calls or messages. Galvanic skin sensor measures the temperature of the skin and sweating. The data is sent to your mobile and you can view them using the application.

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kairos watches t-band-androidphonesz

T-BAND HD (Hidden Display) basically looks the same as the previous model. However, it is equipped with an LED panel that sometimes illuminating, shows different data. This option has one drawback – the display shows only Latin (English) letters. Other characters such as Cyrillic, Latin with additional icons or characters on the screen are not displayed. Operating time from a single charge – 2 to 3 days.

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T-BAND OD (PMOLED DISPLAY) is designed for those who want maximum functionality “smart” gadget, but not going to abandon regular hours. PMOLED-curved display has a size 11mm x25m pixel density of 170 ppi. He closed with mineral glass and has a special coating to protect against scratches. In the presence of this model has a built-in microphone to realize the function of speech to text conversion. All straps are provided with a processor ARM Cortex-M4 and Bluetooth in a classic performance and lower power consumption.

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kairos watch-androidphonesz

Thanks to an adapter, “smart” T-BAND straps to fit any clock, which is the width of the straps of 18 to 24 mm. Models equipped with HD and OD touch controls. The straps will cost 149, 179 and $ 199 (ND, HD and OD). In case of a successful campaign funding on Indiegogo (and have already collected more than $ 9,000 of 50,000), electronic gadgets go on sale in April next year.

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