After witnessing the tech disruption in the past year, the Android app development industry is facing groundbreaking innovations in 2018. Since there were various trends on top last year, the new ones are making their way into our lives. The developers, ensuring that apps mark a remarkable presence in our lives, are embracing these technological innovations.

In this article, we are going to reveal the top trends that will transform the android app development in the 2018.

The Instant is the New Big Thing

The Android Instant apps are the leading innovation in the app development. With Android Instant apps, Google has enabled the users to access apps faster than ever. Users can now explore various apps without actually downloading and installing them on the phones. All a user needs to do is to tap and access the remarkable apps in a seamless way. Interestingly, these apps rid the users from storage issues

Chatbots are coming into the Bigger Picture

Chatbots have started to become an integral part in the mainstream apps. It is due to fact that the virtual assistants are inclining towards the conversational interfaces. Many businesses want to deliver great users’ experiences and AI-powered Chatbots come into handy in these situations.

Strong Security Aspects

Security has always been a prime concern in Android devices. Businesses making investments in the apps will soon require data security experts as many of them are utilized for commercial purpose. The programmers will soon need to ensure that every personal and financial detail is secure from the hackers who are eager to steal the information and use it for explicit purposes.

IoT Based Apps

According to the predictions, the number of IoT devices will increase exponentially in the upcoming years. By the year 2020, there will be more than 30 billion connected devices. This gives way to fresh opportunities for businesses who will be investing in the IoT and stay updated with the trends. In addition, apps for smart automation will appear in the bigger picture and they will run the IoTs in homes, cities, and offices.


Kotlin has emerged as the new programming language for building android apps. This language was introduced in the 2016, and since its release, it has been opted for building apps of different types. Interestingly, Kotlin is more of a simple language that is easy to learn and offers plain syntax. Thus, Kotlin is chosen by the developers who want to explore a language that is still in the evolution phase.

The Cloud Technology

The cloud technology has emerged as the widely adapted platform, and android development industry embraces cloud hassle-freely. The cloud technology has made its way into the Android app development space. The implementation of cloud technology among the android apps improved the in-app productivity, adding more value to them.

The In-App Search

Though the in-app search feature was felt of no importance in the initial time, but today, the in-app search has become one of the best trends in android app development. In fact, it is one of the best features, offering superior users’ experience along with effective search within in-app media. Thus, you should demand the in-app search feature when hiring the best Android app developers for building an app.

On-Demand Application Are On the Go

The on-demand apps have come into lime light. With the success of Uber and Ola, a fresh trend of the on-demand apps has emerged. These apps are capable to boost a business’s growth in relatively short span of time. These apps are helpful for businesses who follow complex procedures such as procurement of goods/services from the supplier and individual deliveries. The on-demand apps follow a high-tech architecture, aiming to fulfil tailored business requirements.

The MVP Approach

The MVP has stepped into the Android app development industry. In essence, the MVP or Minimum Viable Product works on the principle of “Build, Measure, and Learn”. It helps startups to bring in more innovation with minimal investment. Developers aim to work on the Lean methodology, developing exactly what is required and when it is required by the business.


In case, you’re planning to invest on an Android application for growth of your business, make sure to leverage these trends. Including an expert in the app development can lead to a futuristic mobile app solution. If you think of any other mobile app development trend, then feel free to mention it and add value to this guide.

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