The progress of technology had led to coming up of different devices and amazing applications that can easily run on these devices. There are ample amount of applications that are launched every day. These applications may be related to business, education, entertainment, shopping etc. Now, just consider the program that can make switching between different applications simple. One of such apps established in the market is ‘AskMe’.


ASKME App is a simple and smart application that helps you out in staying away from the hassle of changing between applications. This program has millions of companies running within your city. It’s the ‘All in One’ application that allows you to locate listings and merchants, best bargains, classified ads, and purchase them forthwith. This program is made for Android smartphones that may be used to serve the information associated with your locality.

This is the free Android application which you can download from Google Play. It’s possible for you to look for distinct areas to shop, drink, eat, play, relax, and read reviews from the local community in your neighborhood.

Some Features:

This is a practical program that comes with some great features. This application is practical because:

  • It’s possible for you to get the best deals offered to you by your company
  • It’s possible for you to search for the business that are near to your locality
  • You can search for latest classifieds cellular telephones, related to jobs, cars, real estate and more
  • You can add reviews, tips, photographs of your favored businesses on this app
  • It’s possible for you to share your favored businesses with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.
  • You may also read reviews to know about quality companies
  • You may even look up addresses and the phone numbers of many different companies.

Best User Interface

This program is made for the users. It’s got a truly straightforward and simple to use interface. It isn’t at all clumsy. It has got an user interface that is much clean to show the desired search results. The app tries to display the most pertinent information based on your hunt.

Advantages of this app:

  1. It behaves like an actual search engine. Whenever you are in search of advertisements or free deals that are accessible near your locality, without going back to the homepage.
  2. It has got an easy user interface allowing users to operate this program in a simple manner
  3. It has a good looking design and user interface is too clean.

An Android user must have this application on his/her android smartphone. It allows all the users find the best bargains and to search for the finest businesses near their localities. You must install this program on your Android Smartphone.

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