Samsung Galaxy S4

The market is flooded with a number of android phones and a lot of people are also getting confused when it comes to buying a phone. Most of them are manufactured by Samsung itself. They all differ in variations, size, screen and many other features making them easily distinguishable from their counterparts. But, then if you are the one who is comfortable with QWERT keypad, then maybe smart phone is not the right choice for you. But, if you prefer a screen where you can do anything and everything on a single click, then android phones are the one for you. So, here we will provide you with a list of android phones that you can consider buying.

Moto G

  1. Samsung Galaxy S4 :

This phone will offer you more than you have ever thought of. But, as Galaxy S5 is also available in the market, then this phone has taken a step back. All the features of the phone can be seen running smoothly and if one looks at the plastic body, it is no less. It has Android 4.4 kitkat in it. Though it is a year old now, the price has dropped as its counterpart S5 is also available now.

  1. Motorola Moto G :

The android phone comes with a lot of features like that of 1GB RAM, Android 4.4 kitkat, 5MP camera and 16GB internal storage.

  1. HTC One :

The best part of this Smartphone is that it can do everything and that too in a better way. If you do not plan to increase your budget, then this one is for you as it will make you feel really good in your and also it functions really well. A negative point here could be the life of the battery is not much.

  1. Sony Xperia Z1 Compact :

Though little costly, but it is worth spending. Its features are as 2.2GHz quad core processor, 2GB RAM, 20.7 MP camera and is worth buying. Though the screen is not that great, but it is still way better than an iphone. If you want a top end android phone, this is the one for you.

  1. Google Nexus 5 :

If you are a diehard android fan and also do not want to spend all you earnings on a phone, then you can surely consider buying this phone as in a low price, it will offer you all the features that any other phone can offer. It has android 4.4 kitkat, 2GB RAM. The battery life is average that means it will last the whole day and also 8MP camera will never disappoint you.

  1. Lenovo K3 Note :

The Smartphone has 2GB RAM, with a brilliant display, very slim in looks and also very light in profile. It has all the features that a good smart phone should possess and also falls within the budget.

  1. Samsung Galaxy J5 :

It is the thinnest Samsung that has a memory of 8GB. The camera is excellent and also the backup of the battery is very good.

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