How to get unlimited lives in Candy Crush Saga

The Candy Crush Saga can be considered one of the most addictive game in the history of mobile gaming. The game will give you a lot of fun and I am sure, you’ll be glued to it all time.

The principle of the puzzle has long been known and is not new, it is necessary to collect delicious candy in rows of three or more pieces. But, despite the hackneyed plot, the developers promise that the user will have to taste the atmosphere of the arcade and joyous design. At first, as is common, the levels are simple and easy to pass them is not difficult, and you will easily understand the program logic. It will steadily be difficult performing the tasks and you have to choose the best option among many possible.

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That is what is expected of the puzzles in this new development is present. With each level, you will need stronger strain your mental abilities. Also added to the complexity of the toy special tasks at each stage with a limited number of moves. Once in a difficult situation, you can use the bonuses received earlier. Play crush the candy as possible in the social network Facebook.

The Candy Crush Saga game can be fun and frustrating at the same time. It restricts you with only 5 lives at a time, but there is a way to ease the disappointment. When you run out of lives, just to get more. Here are the steps to get unlimited life in Candy Crush Saga. This trick works on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

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Unlimited Candy Crush Saga lives on iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch) Devices

Go to Settings> General> Date & Time.

Install option is automatically set off.

Manually set the date a few days ahead.

Start Candy Crush Saga and see life grow. But do not play Candy Crush Saga yet!

Back to Settings> General> Date & Time.

Set Automatically option is enabled.

Play Candy Crush Saga.

Above steps and tricks will get give unlimited lives. The same method works on Android devices.

Unlimited Candy Crush Saga Lives on Android devices

Go to Settings> Date and time.

Remove Automatic Date & Time.

By the date specified.

Manually set the date a few days ahead.

Start Candy Crush Saga and see life raise. But do not play Candy Crush Saga yet!

Back to Settings> Date and time and check Automatic Date & Time.

Play Candy Crush Saga.

Now you can enjoy Candy Crush Saga with an unlimited life. Judging by some of the levels, you’ll need all the life you can get!


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