“War of the Worlds” by HG Wells in his time was wildly popular, but with the development of science and technology, we believe in the truth: there is no life on Mars. Any science fiction speculates that topic ceased to be interesting to a wider, and our alleged extraterrestrial enemies migrated to distant galaxies and other universes. However, the charm of retro stories about the war with the Martians left – Wells reread, even write off the topic of a great war for survival. The plot of the conflict with the Martians organically intertwined with real war that Europe experienced at the beginning of the last century, and the output is The Great Martian War, stylish runner, A Study in Scarlet.

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Features & Applications

The main feature of The Great Martian War is the presence of the plot and legend. In 1913 – 1917 years in Europe, the war broke out. No, not the one that you think – the war with aliens from Mars. Thus, the developer offers a glimpse of the nightmares of the First World War through the prism of science fiction and history, told in paints HG Wells. Scenery First World War, her arms, troops form (in this case French) is identical to the historical, but you are fighting not with the Triple Alliance, and with the Martians.

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Game genre – runner. However, this time we don’t see a traditional scheme, and its a pretty good variation. Once you get comfortable with the controls, narrow trenches will end and you will be on the battlefield. You can move in any direction: no more three – four lanes, you can explore the map in all directions, to evade the growing and fallen trees, jump over mines, not to give newcomers to kill you. Options are quite standard deviation: jump, tackle, rounding. On the way you will meet not only the trees and enemies, but the trench with bridges over them, and even tanks.


And of course there is a lot available bonus items that need to be improved for points collected in the field. All of these items invariably stylized attributes of the First World War: French soldier helmet sample of 1914 soldiers soldering and stuff. You can restock and through the store with the help of Donata, but not Strive hard, it is far more interesting place runners, especially those stylish, the enthusiasm.

 Design & Management

The graphics in the game is good. At first a little confused by the prevailing Martian red tint, but again there is a special charm. All fonts, panels and tab settings made in the same design, which refers to the trends of the twenty century, steam punk and nostalgia for the era of the first movie. For the fact that the atmosphere is maintained throughout, to the last detail, put the game fat plus.

Management in the Great Martian War is usual, and said about him in general, there is nothing: an endless run and dodge, jump swipe up, swipe down tackle. I liked the fact that in this game you do not run through a narrow chute – offers an extensive wine. That is, you move almost freely, rather than jumping between the three tracks. There are switches also available to control via the accelerometer.

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Speed & Compound

In my case, The Great Martian War worked exactly like a clock. No problems with the launch, the transition between the blocks of the game was not. There were no unpleasant situations and in the course of the race. However, in Google Play I met quite a lot of complaints about incorrect work, hangs in the game, and the transition between the menu and complete the level of achievement. And the game has no exit button. How is that happened, I do not know.


Price – quality

The Great Martian War is free, which is undoubtedly great. And of course it hints at the existence of the in-game store. Since we deal, albeit with an unusual, but runner, it can be concluded unreliability Donati. On the other hand, we still have is a full-screen advertising my “favorite” format – the format of the trap. Function to disable it for a fee I, unfortunately, did not find that I was not at all pleased. The choice of watching this nonsense or not, should always be!

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The Great Martian War impressed me: it’s the story of legend, the coating of game play, this reference to history, it is a reference to Wells, and a wide space for dreams and for the life of the study, and an abundance of obstacles. In general, a lot of runners today, but the ones that stand out a little. The Great Martian War can be attributed to those.

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