Last year on the web, we heard full of  rumors that Google refuses to line Nexus. Exact causes no call did not take, but – there were such conversations. Perhaps one of the reasons – a kind of boycott on the part of potential partners search engine. The Prices for “nexus” has always been dumping, and the whole story for vendors, apparently, was not about business, but rather about the image. Because buying any LG G2 still had to “force”, if there on the shelf stood a plus-minus is the same, but under the name of LG Nexus 5 and almost twice as less money. The exact business model for creating a series of Nexus devices covered by the dark, Google helps developers financially compensating losses.

What attracts people of the same Nexus 5 from LG? On the decadent West, it cost about $ 350, offering truly high-end specifications. And although some demanding character is a certain amount of his shortcomings, the price outweighs all the flaws. And even in India, where $ 350 mysteriously transformed into 22,000 INR. Because 22 thousand – it’s not 30-35, which asked for close to TTX Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One M7 and other leaders of the previous year.

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And now we get the Nexus 6, is also the top-end specification. And there QHD screen and AMOLED, and 3 gigabytes of memory RAM and Snapdragon 805. These characteristics are quite equivalent to that offered by Nexus 5 in 2013. But there is a caveat. Price of the Nexus phone somehow jumped from $ 350 to … not to 450 or even up to 550, and right up to 650. This is the most expensive device in the history of the line. Moreover, for operator markets where all used to take smart phones to the contract (roughly speaking, this is a loan option), and the first payment of $ 100-200, similar to the price of all sorts out. According to rumors, Motorola Nexus 6 and can be purchased with a contract, too, but no official data yet.

Grey delivery, of course, can be adjusted. And requests will go under 40 – so now some are trying to ache for quite a mainstream Motorola Moto X. What can you buy for the money? To mind immediately come flagship Phablet like Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus. And they, with all due respect to Motorola, Nexus 6 put on the blades.

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 nexus 6 specs-androidphinesz

We get the device with a diagonal of 5.5 inches and more – on average in the world does not exceed 5-10 %. Well, with the release of iPhone 6 Plus it will probably increase slightly. But not much (Plus, in Asia, the proportion is still likely to be higher.) So, in the Nexus 6 already installed 6-inch display, not much at the same time taking care to reduce the size. In any fiscal six-inch Lenovo S960 it is 170 x 87 x 8.7 mm, at Motorola Nexus 6, is riding at 159 x 83 x 10,1 mm.

Hardly a new “Nexus” focuses mainly on Asia – there is also a company Motorola has long been forgotten. Hardly, it will be a good buy in the United States – the price for them scary although the “contract” sales are likely to correct the situation a few. Hardly it will be a good buy at all – on the fan form factor, plus more interesting options for the money completely.

Why was it necessary to release Nexus 6 in such manner and for such money? Presumably, this is – farewell bow esteemed line of smartphones from Google. Plus this very attempt to wean people away from Google freebies to which he was accustomed. I remember when “anonymous and informed” sources talking about a possible rejection of “Nexus”, the Internet rose a flurry of discontent. “Well, how is it – Nexus phones steep, we adore freebies they give us madly in love … And you are with us like this.”

nexus 6 review-androidphinesz

In general, it was impossible not to release Nexus 6 – a blow to the loyalty of faithful audience. No question! Let’s yet to release, but the price put such that the next generation is already very glad no one and never will. Also, of course, impact on loyalty, but in this case at least, you can parry in the style of “do not like it – do not take.” So it happened that the most rabid geeks did take, and even likely to be happy. And all the others look towards the products of other manufacturers. In this case Motorola from it all by themselves, and will not suffer – it is now all in the next (probably already the tenth) transition and small by the standards of Lenovo losses on its fate will not affect seriously.

In general, an elegant twist. Elegant – but has no relation to any business or even to the image. Well, fans of “Nexus” it may be advisable to take the Nexus 5, which is still on sale and even got a couple of new color options. That definitely worth the money, and easily fit in the pocket of jeans.

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