Samsung galaxy is always the finest mobile phone in the mobile phone industry, But some of the series are hard to get repaired because its components aren’t available in the market.

Ever since Samsung has entered into the field of making android phones whether it be their Galaxy series or be it note, there has always been a race for creating something new and appealing for the consumers. This is one kind of struggle to retain the customers other is to be a front end competitor for IPhone. When Samsung Galaxy S6 was launched, many people shifted to other brands only the loyal ones stayed throughout the time till Samsung Galaxy S7 was launched has had an upgrade that we’ll were wanting to see in the Samsung Galaxy series. The one thought that had in my many peoples mind was to sell my Samsung phone and sell my note. All of this happened because of the specifications of S7 and S7 edge. It wowed all the Samsung users with a 5.1 inch super AMOLED display and a high resolution of 2560 X 1440 it became one of Samsung’s amazing creations. Must to mention is the Qualcomm snapdragon 820 processor with a 4 GB ram and Andre no 530 GPU. What else were we looking for, yes the camera! This is something worth mentioning especially for all the photography/videography lovers out there with an outstanding 12 mega pixel camera and dual auto focus and a designated 5 mega pixel selfie camera made it worth breaking your bank. Along with 32/64 GB internal storage which could be increased via SD cards, that’s always a plus from Samsung. Lastly the thing that we weren’t expecting from Samsung was water resistance.

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Samsung galaxy S7

After knowing all the basic specifications lets evaluate how this phone from inside is and why it is said to be difficult to repair as compared to all the previous Samsung Galaxy phones. If we compare both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 they look sisters from the front a slight difference can only be visible to the one with hawk eyes. Otherwise a lay man wouldn’t really identify what body changes they have been made so far. Unlike others they choose to stick with their traditional USB type instead of moving to the USB type C. If we talk about opening the phone down into pieces to check you might be surprised that this time there aren’t any screws to tear it down despite they have simply stick the whole body together with glue, that also matches the color of the cell phone. While opening it, it was quite obvious that all of the items weren’t easily accessible. Making our first point clear as crystal why it is not easy to repair it. Underneath the glue is the smooth surface with all the bits and pieces of the phone.

The thing we always admired about Samsung was the user friendly battery change which is now sorely impossible for one to do that without the help of any professional, as it is smoothly wedged to a place. It seems that it was made in such a way that one doesn’t need to repair it. Although we completely agree with the fact that opening a glued phone is not a difficult task at all but removing the glue to access other things is. All the other components can easily be removed and placed back in order with the motherboard. Motherboard has its sister board underneath it when tucked open after taking of the front camera.

Next comes the rear camera the only thing one considered was degraded to 12 mega pixel but the thing is now it has dual focus which lacked in the previous model. Moving on to EMI shields we can easily find SK Hynix H9KNNNCTUMU-BRNMH 4 GB LPDDR4 SDRAM layered smoothly and neatly over  the Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 alongside Samsung KLUBG4G1CE 32 GB MLC Universal Flash Storage 2.0and QUALCOMM WCD 93335 Mover over, we could find And on the flip side, Samsung 1316 S7 Wi-Fi Module.NXP 67T05 NFC Controller,IDT P9221 Wireless Power Receiver (likely an iteration of IDT P9220) STMicroelectronics LSM6DS3 always-on 6-Axis IMUmQualcomm PM8996 PMIC Qualcomm QFE3100 Envelope Tracker and Qualcomm WTR4905. Next on our lists is modular headphone portal. Along with a rubber seat. Not to mention the soft to touch buttons are fixed with the back frame. Is something very creepy that all of this is like a sandwich if you wish to replace something you just can’t get into it without removing the OLED screen? It simply means you have to give up on any one option whether the soft buttons or the display. Which in whole isn’t a good option at all. Moving on to the liquid cooling part. It has a quite small copper heat pipe which regulates the heat made from the processor and moves it out efficiently.

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So after all this difficult work we came to the conclusion that S7 is much harder to repair because of multiple issue which we have discussed in detail above. We always say the same thing about Samsung phones ‘once opened can’t be the same again’. One can only take specific measures to avoid accidents and have a safe mobile. Firstly, always cover your phone with a glass protector so avoid any scratches or lines if in case falls. Secondly, always have a back cover to protect it. Moreover, don’t over charge so your battery won’t soil and you get the need to change it. One can’t simply avoid accidents in case such things happen try to sell your mobile to any recycling company at least they would offer you something better than the cost of repairing. And in this case we can’t even guarantee that it will become exactly as you bought it from the store. You can check this latest tech blog for getting more updates about smartphones.

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